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Vienna, arrival

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11-hr flight took me from Bangkok to Vienna airport. The passport check went very fast. My suitcase also came out very early. So I took a walk to train. There was actually no S7 sign anywhere that I could see. But I took a guess from other signs, and I was right. Got off at Wien Mitte station. Walked outside the Schnellbahn station and went to U-bahn station. Took U3 train for a couple stops. Easy so far.
St. Stephan\'s Cathedral
I emerged from the subway station to immediately find a huge castle. What a sight. Beautiful, old-town Vienna. But from there I took a wrong turn, again and again as it turned out. So I spent nearly an hour walking. Talked to a couple people. Finally found Hotel Wandl.

There is a PC in the guest lounge. It is connected to the internet. It’s probably the only way to get online, for free, during my stay here.

Walked around the town. Many tourists. Many cafes. Hot dog and kebab stands all around. Chocolate shops. Also McDonald’s and Starbucks. Took subway to Vienna International Center just to see if I could get there. Didn’t go in. I will have to go there tomorrow for the conference anyway.


Written by Rop

April 25, 2008 at 3:16 pm

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