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Millions of people play GTA around the world. I’ve played and enjoyed the series for years. Some stupid teen killed a taxi driver because he copied an action in the game, and the Thai society rushed to have the game removed from the shelf. Those who still sell them will get heavily punished.

What a childish, stupid action. There is much more wrong with the guy. It’s easy to point finger at the game. Easy scapegoat. Why not look into parenting? And there is this thing called personal responsibility. Thai society is a society of babies, which blames everything and everyone but itself.

Same thing happened a short while ago. Somebody put some videos that some people found offensive to Youtube. The government rushed to have Youtube blocked, ignoring the facts that the website has so much good, useful content.

Another point is that, Thai society does not create. It criticizes, finds faults. It does not innovate, it copies. I don’t know where these people of authority come from. They are behind the time. They can’t think logically. That’s why Thailand is not going anywhere. It can’t accomplish big things because it can’t think.

Stupidity infuriates me.


Written by Rop

August 6, 2008 at 3:11 am

Posted in tech, thoughts

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