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Impeding creativity

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I would like to see this country move forward. So it pains me to witness incompetence almost daily.

There are some good smart people. They are a lot of non-smart people.

The unintelligent people try to impede progress. They find faults instead of giving encouragement. They build new roadblocks instead of clearing old ones. Redundant steps. Nonsensical rules. People don’t understand the honor system. They don’t treat others with respect. In great societies, respect is the most important thing. It gives peace of mind. Peaceful minds are ones that create brilliant work.

The smart people grow tired of the system. They are tired of thinking up new things because they will be criticized instead of praised. Why work hard when good work is not rewarded? Whey produce awesome stuff when it will be ignored?

Smart, intelligent people lose their passion and start doing their own things. Complicated things with low impact. Research papers spew data to fill the “what” question, but ignore the “so what” question. When they have to teach young ones, they do it poorly. They don’t inspire imaginations to students.

When the students grow up and enter the work environment, they do the same thing, going through the same uninspiring cycle. The society doesn’t become better. It stays backward.

Good organizations must get serious about creating better work culture.


Written by Rop

October 1, 2008 at 3:41 pm

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