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Bangkok Marathon 2008

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To do something well, one must prepare. It can be exciting and challenging to do things by inspiration only. But challenges are sometimes not the best thing. When one is prepared, one will enjoy the task more.

If one runs a marathon under prepared, the body will ache badly. The mind will suffer. It plainly hurts. To teach a good class, one must prepare the outline. To perform any type of activity, one must practice. Improvisation can be fun but it doesn’t always yield good results. To excel in any sport or job, one must do homework and practice.

On Sunday I completed my first marathon, Bangkok Marathon 2008. I am proud that I finished it. 42.195 km in 5:41. I completed the first half in about 2:10. But then I got bad leg cramp and walked for close to 15 km. My result:

BKK Marathon 2008 Roppon

My legs hurt so bad. The greatest pain I’ve ever felt. All I could think of was “where’s the next km mark?”, “why is it so goddamn far?” and “what huge meal should i eat after this?” But anyhow, the experience was great, being among so many enthusiastic runners. The pain I got tells me that I must be more prepared next time.


Written by Rop

November 25, 2008 at 12:33 am

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