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Good weekend. Taught on Saturday morning and relaxed in the afternoon. On Sunday we enjoyed Chinese ceremonial meals and then went for a run in the Navamin Park (สวนพฤกษชาติ).

Another week begins. Taught a radiation lab in the afternoon. Good to have students around. Repetitive classes are a bit of a bore though. I need to find new ways of approaching the subject to keep myself on alert. Otherwise, it’s just about going through the motion.

Sad news about a passing of a relative in England. Quite a shock to everybody.

Life is short, don’t wait till tomorrow. Don’t go through the motion. Choose your path and follow it. Find the meaning.

Ran in the evening, still a bit of pain in the ankle but was able to maintain a sub-10 min/mi pace for about 4 miles. Little by little. Don’t go too hard when your body is in pain. Listen to your body.

Drove home. A cold shower and a nice meal after a nice workout give such a good feeling.


Written by Rop

January 26, 2009 at 12:53 pm

Posted in health, running

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