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Friday thoughts

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Today’s run was better than yesterday’s.

I went out slower and was able to maintain the pace. I ended up feeling better.

It was still not easy running in the heat. Left knee is still not fully healed. I don’t know when I will be 100% healthy (no more aches and pains). Probably never will be. But it’s really okay. It’s been a good week of running.

Weekend is here. Very happy about that.

Tomorrow my sister will be home after spending about 8 months in England. I’ll go with mom to pick her up from the airport. It will be a short visit for her (~ 10 days). Pepe, our dog, will probably be very ecstatic to see my sis. Relatives will come to dinner in the evening. I have another dinner appointment with some friends. Haven’t seen many of them in a long time. Hope I can somehow drop by to see them, even if just briefly.

My elder relative just passed away this morning. We (my parents, None and her mom, and myself) saw him in January when we went to Chiang Mai for the New Year vacation. It didn’t occur to me then, as we were leaving his house, that it would be our last time to see him. He lived a long life (~ 95 years old).

Chiang Mai 1 Jan 2009

Chiang Mai 1 Jan 2009

Chiang Mai 1 Jan 2009

Chiang Mai 1 Jan 2009


Written by Rop

March 6, 2009 at 3:28 pm

Posted in health, running

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