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A good, long day

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Went to Auntie Ag’s house in Chok Chai 4. Met up with relatives at a lunch in memory of an elder relative. We met Julie, an old childhood friend there also.

After lunch, I went to drop mom, Aim, and George off at Don Muang airport. They were flying to Chiang Mai for vacation, and to attend a funeral of Grandpa Pallop.

Spent time driving lots today. It was so hot on the streets. Traffic was not too nice either. What else is new though. Bangkokians must learn to be patient on the roads, otherwise they go nuts.

Met up with None at her place. She baked some lemon bar cake this morning. It is so yummy. We had it with iced tea.

Did some grading of students work. They did pretty well. The exam is coming in 3 weeks. So I hope they can keep up their studying.

Went out for an evening run at SAT (กกท.) Ramkamhaeng. So many people were out playing sports. Football mostly. Saw lots of dogs on the big grass field. People and their dogs were having a good time.

Had a nice run on the track. It was too crowded for my liking. But once I focused on myself, it was okay. And the track was nice to run on. Did a longer one than yesterday but still considered short for my race distance.

But it’s a good workout for a weekend. It’s always good to get a run in. None also ran a nice distance today.

Went to FBT mall afterwards to look for a belt pouch and some compression shorts. Still no success. The shorts were nowhere to be found. The available bags were all too large. None did get some workout clothes though. Look nice on her.

Had dinner at a noodle cart on the street. Simple and quick. Tasted pretty good and filling.

Good weekend.


Written by Rop

March 8, 2009 at 2:47 pm

Posted in running

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