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Today was a really busy day at the office. Conferences dates and deadlines. I had to prepare posters and proceedings for several of them all at once. Bunch of documents are waiting on my desk to be processed…

Enough complaining. Life is short. Just do what I can.

Got a run in today. I’m happy about that. Can’t take good things for granted. The Asics shoes did help a bit with the knee pain, but my left ankle and right foot now hurt instead. Oh well. A struggle on the road. Did my best. Balance & Patience are the keys.

Plan was to do two short intervals at fast pace, with a slow jog in between. My first speedwork training in a long time. The pace ended up slower than what I wanted. Couldn’t quite manage to do full speed yet. Also cut my cool-down distance slightly. Anyway, I think it was a good compromise between plan and pain.

I seem to have forgotten what it feels like to run without pain. I long for that day to come again.

Watched some football again before going home.



Written by Rop

March 12, 2009 at 3:46 pm

Posted in health, running

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