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One good weekend

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Next week will be super busy for me at work. A couple conferences to attend. One in Bangkok and one in Petchburi. I will have to go to an agreement-type signing ceremony at the Ministry of Science also. So I hoped this weekend would allow me some rest and give me energy to start Monday.

My weekend began with me teaching a class early Saturday morning. Last quiz was given to the students. Just a presentation and the final exam left.

Went out for a run before lunch yesterday. One before breakfast today. Sneaked those in as time permitted. The weather has gotten a little cooler, somewhat, during these last couple days. So, that made the runs not too grueling. It’s still Bangkok, so it’s still hot. In the Navamin park, there are good amount of trees which provided nice shades. The running lane is too small though. Constantly have to weave my way around people and sometime dogs.

At this point, I’m just happy to keep the daily runs going. They might not be long, but at least they are consistent.

Football on TV: Watched Liverpool beat Manchester United last night 4-1. Their biggest win in Old Trafford in a long time. The title race is still Man Utd’s to lose though. Real Madrid won last night. So Barcelona has to keep up and try to retain their six-point lead. Go Barca (tonight vs Almeria)!

Today is None’s birthday. So we are going to a Korean restaurant in Sukhumvit for dinner. We love Korean food, especially bibimbap and kimchi.


Written by Rop

March 15, 2009 at 6:38 am

Posted in food, running

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