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My office life is full of noise. Must learn to disregard things that makes me unhappy. It can be overwhelming. A routine job really doesn’t fit me.

Monday evening run once again. Ran to a good distance. Breezy at the start, when the legs were fresh. The last mile was a struggle, because of the same old knee pain. When I was done it stopped hurting. So nothing serious. Must maintain the moderate pace for now.

Happy to complete my daily run. It clears my mind. Makes me forget about work, and other people. It’s what I need. Running is my therapy. It helps me disregard unimportant stuff in life, and makes me focus on things that matter to me.

Random thoughts:

  • Barcelona makes me happy. 6:0 vs Malaga and maintain six point lead over Real Madrid.
  • Still hopeful for Federer to win another grand slam or more. But right now he can’t seem to beat younger guys like Nadal or Murray. Must cut down those unforced errors.
  • I love my dogs. Wish I could spend more time at home with them.

Written by Rop

March 23, 2009 at 1:18 pm

Posted in running

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