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One hot day

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Extreme heat again today. It rained a bit in the morning, though way too short. Didn’t help much with the temperature. My skin felt burnt as I walked to the campus for lunch.

The heat wasn’t gonna keep me out of the road though. Ran on the sidewalk outside the football field. Went for about 40 minutes, slowly to avoid the pain. Had to slow down and dodge a few stray dogs along the way. Not gonna risk being chased by them!

Many people were running around the 400m track at the football field. Good to see people pushing themselves hard out there. Some were fast, some were slow. Everyone was testing their own limit. The track is a bit softer than the road and sidewalk, but I found the gravel surface a bit slippery.

The knee pain flared up slightly. My body was also overheating. I needed to drink. So I knew it was time to stop. Summer time running. Not the most pleasant thing to do. But it is a good challenge.

GPS tracking in my Nokia phone was not accurate today. The distance it measured was clearly much longer than the actual one. Not sure why it misbehaved today.

Drinking lots of water at home. It is so, very, very warm these days.

Good thing about working out: I get to eat a lot!


Written by Rop

March 25, 2009 at 3:27 pm

Posted in food, running

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