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A fairly productive work day. Lots of people attended an event off site. So it was quieter and more peaceful than usual. No phone calls interrupting what I was working on. No people walking in to assign me extra tasks. I just did my work. It feels good to get things done.

It wasn’t that I was alone in a room. I had a couple of colleagues with me. But they were working on their things also. I fed off their energy. It’s great.

Evening run went well. It was hotter than yesterday. Just have to get on with it. GPS seemed to operate normally today. That’s good. The legs felt strong throughout, except near the end, when the left knee started hurting and buckling. Same pain as usual.

A picture of my running route. Near the football field in Kasetsart campus.

A picture of my running route. Near the football field in Kasetsart campus.

Lying here on my bed Friday night. I’m satisfied. It has been a good week of running. Nothing but humble base building miles.

A thought during the run: All tall and spectacular skyscrapers have one thing in common. They all have strong base. Without a good base the building will fall and crumble.

Base building is a long and tedious process. Yet, it is the most crucial part of growth.

On my current state of pain…

I have some pain here and there. It’s normal. Key to be happy is to stop complaining and making excuses. Make commitment to yourself to get better.

Ignore the pain. Life is full of barriers and obstacles. When facing ones, just step over or climb over them. Otherwise, turn around and find something else to do. Something that means more to you. Someone out there is suffering a lot more than you do. Your pain is nothing.

A short note about my class: Tomorrow is the final exam day, closing out the term. Time to say goodbye. Hope the students will do well.


Written by Rop

March 27, 2009 at 2:47 pm

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