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Motion sickness

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Friday before a 3-day break (Monday is a holiday). Joy.

Yesterday I taught basic nuclear science to grade-8 students (13 year-olds). Pretty smart kids. Today I gave a 1-hr lecture to university students (21 year-olds). Hope the students learn a thing or two from the lectures.

Went to Chula today at noon. My task was to be part of a committee that interviews students for admission to the Master program at Nuclear Technology Division. It was a good experience.

The worst thing about today was the traffic. CU is located right in a very busy area of Bangkok. The roads were jammed up back and forth. The distance is just about 20 km one way. The trip took an hour. Riding in the van through the horrible traffic made me extremely nauseated.

Once I got back to the office, I got in my car and drove to the KU campus for my run. I need a good type of motion to cancel out the motion sickness.

It was again really humid today. I got a nice run to close out the work week. Goal today was to run a good distance, not too long, but at a faster pace than usual.

The Nokia GPS misbehaved again. I kept the phone in my belt pouch as I ran. There were also some trees along the route. These factors may contribute to the GPS under-measuring the distance.

No big deal. Got on MapMyRun and re-estimated the actual distance. Nifty tool.

The workout helped a bit with the sickness, but not completely. At home now, hours later, I still have the headache.

What a pain. This is why I dislike long road trips: I always get car sick.

Anyway. I will feel better when the morning comes, hopefully.

Closing the post with a picture of the office cat sleeping in a comfortable position:

sleeping office cat.

sleeping office cat.


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April 3, 2009 at 2:21 pm

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