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Long rainy weekend

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This weekend was a rainy one. No more class to teach. So pretty much I have two days to re-energize and relax. Perfect.

Went out running in the mornings, which was a good idea because it rained hard in the afternoon-evening.

Sat and Sun runs were in the Nawamin park. An ok place to run. Bigger parks like Chatuchak is better because of wider lanes and less dogs/kids in them. Anyhow, this park is okay. Better than nothing. On Saturday I got a run in the 34C late-morning heat. The temperature quickly rose up to 40C a couple hours later. Wet and hot. That’s Bangkok weather now. Had a slightly longer run on a cooler Sunday morning. Both runs left me soaked in sweat. Ate creamy corn soup and sandwich to recover.

Went looking for a nice backpack at the Mall yesterday. Having my eyes on North Face ones. Couldn’t decide yet. Had dinner ar MK. It was a pretty good meal. I like their suki sauce. Delicious yet simple meal to wrap up the weekend.


Written by Rop

April 6, 2009 at 6:51 am

Posted in running

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