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Day in a life

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Today in summary:

  • Internet was down most of the day, probably due to the heavy rain over the weekend. Couldn’t get much work done.
  • Also due to the rain, the ceiling in my office leaked. My desk was drenched when I arrived in the morning. Many books were damaged. Sigh… I need a new office.
  • Met up with my thesis student. Had a nice talk over lunch.
  • Organized two lectures for summer apprentice students. Gave a short interview to some journalists about fusion research in the afternoon.
  • Glad when evening came. Went to KU campus to run. Legs felt tired today. But pushed myself through it. A basic endurance run. The thunderstorm soon ensued after I finished. I’ve been able to avoid the rain for the last several days and get my runs in.
  • My 17-year-old Minpin dog is in a bad shape. His legs are very weak. He tried to walk around but kept falling down. I put him in his bed and he’s sleeping now.

Written by Rop

April 7, 2009 at 12:44 pm

Posted in running

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