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Running in the rain

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Didn’t sleep much last night. Woke up early to watch some football. Well worth it. Barcelona played a delicious match and dismantled Bayern. I like both teams but am happy that Barca won.

Having been able to narrowly avoid the rain for last few days, today I got caught by it. I just ran for about 100m and it started raining. Okay, I thought, “What to do now?” I continued for a little bit and then got inside a shade.

Rain lightened up after a short while. So I ran again. It was still drizzling. All wet, wearing a too-loose belt pouch, and carrying a water bottle, it was not so comfortable. I want to stay hydrated during the run, but also keep my hands free. What to do?

Before it rained, I had a goal. Ended up short of it. Didn’t want to be in the rain for too long. Though I like the coolness that the rain brings (I prefer drizzle to hot scorching weather), I don’t deal with it well. In the past I often got a cold from just a little exposure to rain. Now is not a time to get sick. I am satisfied with the (wet) miles I got today.

A good run and, all in all, a pretty nice day.


Written by Rop

April 9, 2009 at 2:08 pm

Posted in running

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