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Third straight day off.

It’s certainly a chaotic day in Thailand. State of Emergency has been declared by the Prime Minister. Lots of protesters are out there on the streets. Government has sent out the tanks. This is going to be the worst Songkran holiday ever. I have plenty to say about the situation. But I feel that it’s just pointless to talk about politics.

Just hoping they stay out of the airport. I have a flight to catch next Saturday.

Life is short. Don’t waste time worrying about other people’s nonsenses. Focus on the things that mean something to YOU.

Got up early again today. As usual, the hardest part is to first get up.

Ate some bread with butter/strawberry jelly and then headed out for a run. Decided against driving to the Nawamin park today. It’s not fun to spend so much time in traffic to go do something as simple as running. Instead, I went to the Sena area, which is much closer to my house. Got to be careful with cars though. I miss my time in college where it was super convenient to find a place to run or exercise.

The morning weather was “good” (= tolerably warm). I use my new watch for the first time to record lap times. It’s nice to not have to wait for or worry about the GPS signal, and be able to run freely. GPS is great when it works. You can upload to data online and view the satellite images of the routes. But lately it tracked so many of my runs incorrectly. I think I’m gonna be using the watch as my main timer now, and use online tools, e.g., GMap Pedometer and MapMyRun, to measure the distance.

Good run. I’m satisfied.

The shoe outsoles (the front parts) seem to be worn out now:



Afterward, I spent most of the day at home, keeping up with the news, and relaxing by playing with Pepe and Pygmy, and watching some sports on TV.


Written by Rop

April 12, 2009 at 1:57 pm

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