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Second day of study

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I got up early this morning. With the time shift, I was wide awake before 4am. After spending some time in the computer lab, I went outside a little bit after 5 am to run. It was still dark. Nobody was out there. Very quiet, with few cars on the roads. I had a nice run, a few miles along the coast. Took several breaks to snap pictures. Another exploratory run. Very peaceful and scenic. No air pollution. No noise pollution. No traffic jam. No stray dogs. No crowd.

From Trieste April 2009

Got some pain in the left calf. Got to warm up more I guess. It’s better than knee pain though.

Today is the second day of the workshop. Topics are mostly continuation of yesterday’s. The theoretical talks are very hard for me. They are being presented too quick for someone without a strong theoretical base like me.

From Trieste April 2009

Learning or doing things that are hard is good though. It means you are trying to expand your knowledge. If it’s easy, it means you are wasting your time.

All the lectures are limited to one hour each, which I like. I really can’t stand long lectures. I also like the computer exercise sessions. They allow you to really try things out on your own. You can’t really learn by just sitting there and listening to the instructors. You have to do the work yourself.

From Trieste April 2009

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April 21, 2009 at 11:30 am

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