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Time to relax

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Went for a light run/stroll along the coast. Already had a run this morning. So I was just taking it easy and enjoy the sights.

The weather was heavenly. Sunny and cool. People were out sunbathing and eating/drinking. Kids were playing. People brought out their dogs. Lots of them. So many cute ones. Love them.

I’ll just show some of the pics:






Went to have gelato at Gelateria Zampolli. It was great. The place was super crowded. I’m very impressed with the selection. Wish None were here with me. She would absolutely love it.

Had two cones: cocco and cioccolato. I thought that “cocco” means cocoa. It turned out to be coconut. Showed how much I knew Italian. But it’s still yummy.





Spent the afternoon taking pictures, walking around, and just relaxing. Just letting my thoughts run free.

Had another short run after the downtown stroll. Then walked back uphill to the Guesthouse. By 6pm, it was getting a bit cold so people were packing up their towels and stuff. Lots of cars were on the road, heading toward the city.

The best thing about this place, for me, is the peace. One can really get some thinking done here. Both in the institute and in the city. Quiet and peaceful.

I could stay here forever. It’s my type of town. A wonderful place to grow.

People are great. Knowledgeable. Classy. Know how to relax.

At the institute, there are blackboards everywhere. People’s eagerness to learn is infectious. The library is great and filled with wonderful books. If I need to know or refresh on something, I can just go there.

I also love the fact that I don’t have to drive. I can walk to work. When I finish, I can just walk back to my room. No traffic jam headaches. I can run without having to fight the heat. It’s the freedom to do things that is so fantastic.

I will have to leave this place soon though. Have to remember this experience. Good memories will help me stay positive on life. The memories such as those of South Korea 2007 and of this Trieste visit, they’ll go a long way.


Written by Rop

April 25, 2009 at 7:55 pm

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