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Alone time

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Still feeling a jet lag due to the Italy trip. Couldn’t sleep last night. Maybe got in an hour just before the wake-up time. So today I had to rely on coffee in the morning and afternoon to keep awake.

Though lacking sleep, I went out to run in the evening anyway. Today I had one normal lunch at noon, and a noodle dish at 3:30p, hoping that it would give me extra energy for the run. I felt tired anyway though. Maybe it was the warm weather that sapped my energy.

Had a short water break at half way. Starting up again was surprisingly difficult. Rather than feeling fresh after a sip of water, it felt like I had to restart the engine again. Body just wants to keep moving, rather than stop-and-start.

I fought the heat and the tiredness and accomplished my distance goal. It was a bit slower than I hoped, but I tried my best.

Running gives me time to be with myself. To think. To daydream. To be free. It’s quality time. We have different types of things that give us peace and happiness. Painting, writing, cooking, reading, …etc. I’ve found mine.


Written by Rop

May 6, 2009 at 1:07 pm

Posted in running, thoughts

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