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Wednesday updates

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Things have been good.

Last week I met up with the John and his wife. They traveled from the US to visit Laos and Thailand. I spent most of my last five years in the States at their place, where I rented a room. First time I met them since June 2005. Almost 4 years have parted. Good to see them again. We had dinner at Mullika (ร้าน อ. มัลลิการ์) on Kaset-Nawamin road. Good restaurant with authentic Thai dishes.

Over the weekend we went browsing for furniture again. It’s quite fun to put things in a house.

Went to referee a thesis proposal exam yesterday at Thammasat Rangsit. It’s about 30 km from my office. I took a public bus there. Was drizzling a bit. My first time being on such committee. Good experience.

Been somewhat busy (who isn’t?), but still sneaked in a run here and there. On Saturday I had my longest run yet (only in training, not counting the races). I was exhausted but happy that I managed to do it. I just wanted the distance under my belt. Sweated buckets. Carried a water bottle with me to avoid dehydration.

Raining everyday here. Doing my best to avoid catching a cold. Lost my umbrella over the weekend, probably at a restaurant. Got to find a new one.


Written by Rop

May 27, 2009 at 2:21 am

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