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Yesterday I followed UFC 100. Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre (GSP) retained his title. He beat another top-class fighter: Brazilian jujitsu and Muay Thai master Thiago Alves. He won despite sustaining a groin injury during the fight. St. Pierre didn’t let the injury bring him down. He put aside the pain and willed his way to a dominating victory over a tough opponent.

(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

I really respect GSP. Not only is he a great fighter, he is also very humble.

Another sporting event that tests human perseverance and spirit is also going on. About 90 ultrarunners are participating in Badwater, one of the world’s most extreme ultramarathons.


The runners will run across Death Valley, perhaps the hottest region of North America. The distance itself is 135 miles (longer than 5 consecutive marathons). But that’s not all. The temperature (reaching 55 celsius) and elevation profile are hellish.

These people are crazy, but a good kind of crazy. To prepare for this kind of event takes incredible dedication. Just because you are physically fit is not enough. You must also have a strong mind to be able to complete the course. I’ll be following the progress of the race. Good luck to all the runners.

“Mind and body: one without the other is not gonna get you very far.”


Written by Rop

July 13, 2009 at 9:19 pm

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