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A good Friday

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24th July. Happy 29th birthday Sis. Looking forward to see you soon.

me and my sis, maybe 20-25 years ago.

me and my sis, maybe 20-25 years ago.

A couple other things that made me feel good today.

  • Roger Federer became a dad today. Mirka gave birth to twin girls. Happy for the family.
  • Found this video via reddit. I think it’s lovely. Wedding should be about having a good time.

Onto today’s training:

It was cloudy in the afternoon. Thankfully, there was no rain in the evening when I got off work. So I got my run in. It was a good effort. Started off a bit faster than normal. I was happy to be able to hold on to the pace, more or less.

Lately, my legs have been pounding almost exclusively on the gravel track. I got back on concrete yesterday to remind my body what it has to withstand during a real race.

The hard pavement definitely made a difference. After yesterday’s run, my right knee hurt a bit. So today I put on supportive knee wraps and got back on the track. The pain didn’t get aggravated. Felt better than yesterday. So it’s good.

Tomorrow is a recovery day.


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July 24, 2009 at 10:52 pm

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