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A journey

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Yesterday I had my longest training run to date, in the park. So today I’m taking it easy to let my body recuperate. As I ran around the track, under the sunny sky, I listened to my body. There were aches here and there. Knees, shins, ankles, achilles. It’s normal. There are people who suffer a lot more.

I’m still in the early part of my training. It’s all good. Improvements come slowly. Sometimes the journey means a lot more than the destination. As someone used to say, “A will to win is nothing without a will to prepare.”

Running is hard, but it makes me feel so good. I’m just happy to be able to run. I’m not gonna be able to run forever. I cannot take each day for granted. I’m strong enough and young enough today. But I never know when I will get sick or injured. I will one day be old–too old to run fast, or to run at all. Years from now, I won’t have the energy I have today. So, as long as I have the energy to get out there and push myself to the limits, I won’t let it go to waste.

Life is short. I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can, in the ways that I understand.


Written by Rop

July 27, 2009 at 9:39 pm

Posted in running, thoughts

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