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July, and onward

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Did my last run of the month this morning. It was a good one. Struggled at the start but finished strong.

There’s a graduation ceremony going on in KU this week (today’s the last day). So lots of people are on campus. The football field is one of the popular places for taking photos. So there were many people walking around the track this morning. Graduation day is a big deal for family members and relatives; some travel from other provinces to congratulate their children. Nice scene.

July has been very good. I managed to get in a run everyday and logged the most miles in a month so far (~244).


Seven months of 2009 are over. So far, I’ve gotten a cold once this year.

1 cold in 7 months.

Seems like running has made me much healthier than I was last year, when I seemed to catch a cold every few weeks.

Looking ahead, I think things are going well. I have gotten myself a training schedule, so I won’t have to figure out each time I lace up my shoes how far and how fast I should run. Now I just have to follow the schedule. Hope I can stick to it for 18 weeks, taking it day by day.

When it comes to training, I like to ‘run more’ than ‘run faster’. I think long, slow runs will help me stay injury-free better than fast, intense sessions will.

That’s all for now. Run on. Life is good.


Written by Rop

July 31, 2009 at 11:26 am

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