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First, my progress. Well, there’s not much. Put in a run this evening–a humid one on the track. The pain is not going anywhere anytime soon. Complete rest would obviously bring the quickest recovery, but I would lose my conditioning (and may go crazy due to the inactivity). It’s about finding the balance.

Thus, the run was very slow today. No need to worry about pace or training plan. It’s all about getting in the miles during this maintenance mode.

Next, I just want to talk about training logs.

Running is a simple sport. You just go out and keep putting one foot in front of another. That’s why I like it. The training process is all about hard work and the improvement is scientific. If you don’t go out and run, you will never improve. If you train, you get better. If you train too hard, you get injured.

When you are out there, you are in your own world. If you feel tired you slow down. If you feel fresh you speed up. You don’t need a plan to enjoy running. You can run in whatever way you feel like. But sometimes you might want to look back and review what you’ve done. Unless you are a robot and can memorize each and every workout, a log is needed.

A notebook would be the simplest way of keeping such record. But an online log allows you to do this from anywhere (with internet obviously) without carrying, and taking care of, an actual notebook. I’m currently using these nice web tools to record my training:

  • DailyMile: user friendly, lots of features (tagging, gears, weather, effort), nice community. still got some bugs/annoyances though. been using it since the beginning of this year. This is the place I share my workout.
  • Merv’s Running: straightforward, fast, nice full-calendar view. just started using it yesterday and like it a lot.
  • Google Docs (spreadsheet): most customizable obviously.

There are many others on the web. Look around and you’ll surely find one that suits you. It can be a great supplement to your workouts.


Written by Rop

August 27, 2009 at 8:38 pm

Posted in health, running, thoughts

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