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Short-run Tuesday

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It was raining this evening after work. So I drove past KU campus and went to Sena instead. The traffic was pretty bad this week due to road construction and of course the fact that it’s Bangkok. By the time I got to park the car, the rain had lightened up to drizzle. I put on a tennis cap and ran around the village area.

There was an evening market going on, so there were lots of people out buying food and stuff. Not an ideal surrounding for a good run. But what can I do? Gotta make the best of what you have. Had to weave through cars and dogs; so the pace was conservative. I couldn’t run too fast anyway due to the injury, so the slowdowns weren’t a big issue.

The run was short. I did however pick up the pace from recent past days. It still was much slower than I was a few weeks back. At least today the leg didn’t hurt too bad. I stopped before getting to the pain threshold. I stretched throughout the day. Maybe that helped a little bit too.

Pain isn’t gone. So easy, short runs are all I can do. It’s still a take-it-easy period for me.

Football has started for real in Europe. Everyone is talking about Ronaldo/Kaka/Benzema at Real Madrid and Messi/Ibrahimovic at Barcelona. But Robben and Ribery at Bayern are also an exciting duo. They will be fun to watch.

Barca 3:0 Sporting de Gijon
Madrid 3:2 Deportivo
Bayern 3:0 VfL Wolfsburg


Written by Rop

September 1, 2009 at 8:11 pm

Posted in health, running, thoughts

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