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Simple goal

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Friday evening is a good time to run. End of a work week. It’s about letting go of the stress and heading into the weekend with positive energy.

Today, the goal was simple: to go really easy so that I can get some solid miles in. I did accomplish the goal and ran the longest distance in the past 16 days. The distance was less than 10 km though; that says a lot about the state that I’m in right now. It was one of my slowest runs ever also.

It was painful as the distance grew. Had to stop and stretched the left thigh during the last mile.

There was a positive thing about today’s run. It seemed that stopping and stretching may help ease the sharp pain and allow me to run farther. It’s good to learn that being hurt doesn’t always mean I can’t finish the race. There are always obstacles. One must find ways around them.

The clouds were getting darker as time passed by. Just before I was done, with about 100m to go, heavy rain poured down. Everybody–runners, football players, students–ran for cover. I finished my run. It was lucky the rain didn’t come earlier otherwise I wouldn’t be able to finish my goal for today.


Written by Rop

September 4, 2009 at 9:01 pm

Posted in health, learn, running

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