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Today I rest. The left IT band hurts pretty bad from yesterday’s run.

Went to the mall. Brought my phone to a Nokia Care center. It was having multiple problems in the recent days: battery draining fast, blurry camera, and static noise during calls. It was bugging me so I want to get it sorted out immediately.

I’ve been pretty dependent on the phone. Mostly I used it for jotting down a list of to-do’s. I’m gonna lose the data on the phone when they reformat it. Most important stuff are the to-do list, photos, notes, bookmarks. I guess I should do more stuff online so I will not have to worry about these types of problem. Google Calendar and Remember the Milk seem to be good alternatives. Of course, being online is not always possible, so I’m thinking of using pen&paper to jot down things and then transfer the contents to the computer.

Like to keep life simple and not rely too much on gadgets.


Written by Rop

September 5, 2009 at 6:12 pm

Posted in tech, thoughts

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