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Maintaining a good week

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On a writing roll here. It’s good to be consistent, I think. Get a good routine and stick with it.

My training is on a bit of a roll as well. It’s been another good day. A short one in the morning. A hard one in the evening. There was no rain today, for a change.

Just want to say a bit more about the rules I mentioned in the previous post:

  • Make running a priority – when something becomes a priority, I will put aside time for it. If I think of it as just a casual hobby, I would always find excuses not to do it. Examples: 1) I’m too tired, 2) there’s no time, 3) bad weather. I have to make it one of the top priorities in my life. Of course, it doesn’t mean other things aren’t important. I still have life outside running.
  • Sleep a lot – go to bed early. body needs rest. ditch TV. minimize internet use.
  • Eat smart – running allows me to eat a lot. But that doesn’t mean I can eat anything I want. Bad food will affect my health, especially as I get older. Putting on weight is also very bad for runners. I wouldn’t want to carry the extra weight around.
  • Disregard pessimists – there are always people who have opinions about what I do. I must disregard their negativity. It’s my life.

Quote of the day: “From the moment you become a spectator, everything is downhill.” (George Sheehan)


Written by Rop

October 14, 2009 at 9:18 pm

Posted in health, running, thoughts

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