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Eventful day

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Today was pretty eventful compared to most days.

I woke up and casually went about my morning routine, completely forgetting that I had to go catch an early van at the office. I just got reminded when my phone voiced an event alarm. I quickly changed clothes and rushed out of the house. After a fast drive, I made it just a few minutes before the departure time. The van took off late though, in typical fashion. Anyhow, this reminds me that I should review my to-do list more regularly.

At noon, as I walked back from lunch, I heard a sound of car tires screeching, followed by a loud crash. I looked over to the road. At about 70m from me there was a four-car accident. One pickup truck got its rear smashed up pretty badly. Apparently, a taxi made an abrupt stop and the following cars couldn’t brake in time. Don’t know if anyone got seriously hurt. A good lesson on why tailgating is a bad practice.

Then finally, after I finished my evening run on the track, I realized my running shorts had a big hole in the back. Quite embarrassing. Oh well. Accidents happen. Got to be more careful next time.


Written by Rop

October 19, 2009 at 7:43 pm

Posted in learn, thoughts

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