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Last nine

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Did my last run of the year this morning. 9+ miles for ’09. Took it easy as I was pretty tired. Felt great after doing it though. That capped off another good month.

december 2009 runs

december 2009 runs

More importantly it concluded a good year of running for me.

Probably will start off tomorrow with another run, before heading off to Kanchanaburi.

2009 was the year I began running again. Started logging my runs for the first time on 1 Jan. Keeping a training log has been significant. I can look back and track my progress. Can see when I pushed too hard and got injured. I have also met cool, positive people on dailymile, who have been very encouraging and motivating.

Running has made me become more mindful of my body. Without a healthy body, I cannot run. Therefore I must sleep well and eat well. Maybe part of the reason I run is to stay healthy. But it’s equally true that I stay healthy so I can run.

There is something beautiful about beating your younger self. The only way to get better is to train. Improvement doesn’t come easily or quickly. Each day I go out and fight pains, tiredness, mental fatigue. There is rarely an easy day. But the body adapts to stress and becomes stronger. The mind gets tougher after overcoming the urge to quit.

It’s all about hard work. The reward is pure. No money can buy it and nobody can give it to you. Running has become my temple, my religion, my vacation, my passion. It has given me a whole new world. I hope to keep doing it, one day at a time. One run at a time.


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December 31, 2009 at 6:51 pm

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