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January recap

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First month of 2010 is done with. January has been very warm and humid. Like December, I found ways to sneak in a run everyday, while staying relatively injury free. I took the mileage down a notch from December to remain healthy.

Didn’t run a race this month but that’s okay. I consider it an extended recovery period after the November marathon. I’m happy to get out there everyday, training. Also I’m eating and sleeping well. So it’s a good month. There is not much more to ask for.

January 2010 runs

January 2010 runs

On the non running side, I went to three weddings (Oat, Oa, Kaolad) this month. A lot more to come this year. They are good opportunities to see old friends whom I wouldn’t get to see otherwise.

Talk about inspiration, Federer won today at the Australian Open. Congrats to him on his 16th grand slam–first as a father. After a heart wrenching loss to Nadal a year ago at this tournament, he has now won 3 of the last 4 grand slams. He reached 18 of the last 19 grand slam finals. His consistency is absolutely amazing.


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January 31, 2010 at 8:34 pm

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At dinner Monday night, I ate a shrimp. Was a bit concerned due to my recent allergic episodes with shrimps. Ran Tuesday morning without a problem. Good news. It was just one shrimp though, so couldn’t be too sure.

So I tried again. Wednesday night and Thursday morning, I ate shrimp fried rice. I turned out okay. No itch. No hives. So this has been a great development. It’s time to celebrate 🙂

My lunch has been spicy. My staple dish these days has been Thai basil, stir-fried with pork or beef, over rice. Fiery. Sometimes it makes me sweat more than the morning run. It’s really good though.

Lunch 19/01/2010

Been on a banana row lately. Eating at least one everyday. Love them.

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January 21, 2010 at 8:04 pm

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Been following the Haiti earthquake news. 200,000+ died. Situation is pretty grim there. Of course there are people suffering in this world everyday. But a big catastrophe serves as yet another reminder that life is short. Never know when it’s gonna end. Have to live each day to the fullest.

Went to a nice wedding of a friend (Oa) Saturday night at Windsor Hotel. Happy for the new couple. Food was yummy. MC’s were funny. Met some old friends. Good time.

Sunday destination was Suan Rot Fai. I woke up early and got there around 7am. Weather in the morning was nice and cool. So I sneaked in a very short run, wearing jeans and carrying a backpack. Nan and Noot joined me at the park and we took some pictures using a vintage film camera (very difficult to use!). Then we left the park at around 11am.

The sun made me exhausted so it was good to come home and rest. Played with my dogs for a little bit and took a short afternoon nap. The little one is in a poor shape these days. Very frail. Can’t walk very much.

Went out to get in an evening run around the neighborhood. Cars and street dogs were big troubles as usual. So I could only manage a half hour or so of a slow run. The dogs don’t like people running near them so I had to be really careful. Left foot is still hurting, so it was probably good to keep the run short.

It has been cold these past few days (20C). Perfect for a run. Did an interval training Monday. It was pretty tough. Good way to start off another week. Did an easy recovery run on Tuesday. Felt pretty sore, which is great.

Temperature 18/01/2010

There is an interesting 10K coming up Sunday (Walk and Run for Social Care @ Ministry of Public Health). Will see how things go this week and then decide.

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January 19, 2010 at 10:09 am

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Weight and heart rate

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Been a while since my last post. There’s not much new. Things are going quite well. I’m still running of course. Ran everyday so far in January. Same old routes, same old time (morning). One hour per session, more or less. Sometimes it’s nice to just follow the routine and not think about it too much.

Just looked at my medical checkup records. It’s kind of interesting to compare the results a year apart:

Sep 2008: blood pressure 120/70, weight 63 kg, resting heart rate 78 beats per minute.

Sep 2009: 110/70, 57 kg, 54 bpm.

Many people have told me I’ve become too thin lately, but I disagree. I think I’m at a good weight. Feeling healthy. A low heart rate at rest usually means a strong heart, one that pumps more blood per beat. So, not bad I think.

The weather has been unusual lately. It’s uncharacteristically warm here in Bangkok, whereas many people (my sister and my Dailymile friends) are experiencing extremely cold weather. Hope things get better in those places soon.

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January 13, 2010 at 6:18 pm

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Good for plants

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Did some runs at my typical, time-constrained duration (~ 1 hr) each day this week. Been a very warm and humid week. Humidity reaches 80+% in the morning. Ran in the rain yesterday. Good to be back to running after taking some rest over the weekend. Pain is still there in the left foot, but legs feel okay. Had a semi-twist of the right ankle yesterday. Hurt a bit but it’s fine now. Got to be more careful with my steps!

Rain is good for trees and flowers. Not so good for my shoes. It’s raining in December and January in Bangkok now. Very strange. Time has changed. Climate has changed. It has become rainy all year round. My current shoes are at end of life. Gonna need to find running shoes that dry quickly and grip wet pavement.

Reebok 06/01/2010

Stuffy air is also not very pleasant to run in as sweat doesn’t evaporate easily. So body gets very warm and it’s very exhausting.

Just some observations. Humidity and heat won’t keep me off the road.

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January 6, 2010 at 9:34 am

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I went on a three-day trip in Kanchanaburi. Nine of us stayed in a nice house, ate nice meals, viewed a moonrise, and visited a beautiful waterfall. Very little running was done. But it’s okay. It was a nice rest, and a good way to start off the new year.

There’s nothing like this in Bangkok:
Kanchanaburi 01/01/2010

Did a bit of running on this trail, but had to beware of local dogs:
kanchanaburi 2jan2010

Big tree in the backyard:

Huai Mae Khamin waterfall. 2.5 hr of road+raft trip to get there. Roads were bumpy on the way back:
Huai Mae Kamin waterfall

Two well-behaved dogs: Don and Dok:
Dogs 03/01/2010

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January 3, 2010 at 8:53 pm

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Another year, another run

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Started first day of 2010 with a run. I didn’t want to drive to KU, or anywhere for that matter, due to lack of time. So, after finishing first meal of the year–two pieces of toasted bread with peanut butter + milk, I just got out the door and ran around the neighborhood. Not many people on the streets. Most have left Bangkok for the holiday. I’ll be on the road soon as well.

Still, I had to avoid some street dogs and be mindful of cars. They are reasons I don’t often run in the neighborhood. Anyhow, it was all right. Not every run can be pleasant. The important thing is that I went out and did it.

And so it began my second year of running.

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January 1, 2010 at 9:11 am

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