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Good for plants

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Did some runs at my typical, time-constrained duration (~ 1 hr) each day this week. Been a very warm and humid week. Humidity reaches 80+% in the morning. Ran in the rain yesterday. Good to be back to running after taking some rest over the weekend. Pain is still there in the left foot, but legs feel okay. Had a semi-twist of the right ankle yesterday. Hurt a bit but it’s fine now. Got to be more careful with my steps!

Rain is good for trees and flowers. Not so good for my shoes. It’s raining in December and January in Bangkok now. Very strange. Time has changed. Climate has changed. It has become rainy all year round. My current shoes are at end of life. Gonna need to find running shoes that dry quickly and grip wet pavement.

Reebok 06/01/2010

Stuffy air is also not very pleasant to run in as sweat doesn’t evaporate easily. So body gets very warm and it’s very exhausting.

Just some observations. Humidity and heat won’t keep me off the road.


Written by Rop

January 6, 2010 at 9:34 am

Posted in running, thoughts

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