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One week snapshot

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27 Dec 2010 to 3 Jan 2011

2010-12-28 Tue

4:30am: woke up
5:00am: breakfast – ผัดมาม่า, ข้าวกะเพราไก่
5:22am: left house
6:04am: ran 9 miles
7:50am: shower
8:20am: ate banana, snacks
8:30am: work
12:15pm: lunch – ข้าวกะเพราเนื้อ, pineapple
1:00pm: work
4:30pm: left work
7:00pm: dinner – ข้าว, ผัดกะหล่ำปลี, กะเพรามะเขือยาว, ไข่ตุ๋น
9:40pm: in bed

2010-12-29 Wed
4:38am: woke up
5:12am: breakfast – ข้าว, แกงเผ็ดเนื้อ, ซุปครีมบรอคโคลี, ไข่พะโล้
5:30am: left house
6:14am: ran 9 miles
7:55am: shower
8:10am: ate rice, ไข่พะโล้, หมูเส้น, peanuts
8:30am: work
11:30pm: lunch – ข้าวกะเพราหมูย่าง, ส้มตำไทย, pineapple, yellow corn, sweet potatoes
1:00pm: work
4:35pm: left work
5:20pm: pre-dinner – ขนมจีนปู
7:30pm: dinner – rice, fried fish, boiled egg, น้ำพริกหนุ่ม, ผักสด, ไส้อั่ว, จับฉ่าย, ผัดเห็ดเข็มทองกับแครอท
9:30pm: in bed

2010-12-30 Thu
4:30am: woke up
5:00am: breakfast – rice, น่องไก่ทอด, จับฉ่าย, pancakes
5:24am: left house
6:04am: ran 6 miles
7:20am: shower
7:50am: ate snacks
8:30am: work
11:50am: lunch – tuna fried rice, ลาบหมู, cantaloupe, ชมพู่
12:50am: work
4:30pm: left work
5:00pm: pre-dinner – brownies, peanuts
7:00pm: dinner – ข้าว, steak, potatoes, broccoli, ยำปลาซาร์ดีน
10:00pm: in bed

2010-12-31 Fri
4:10am: woke up
7:46am: ran 10 miles
12:30pm: lunch – instant noodle with meat and vegetables, เฉาก๊วย
1:30pm: went to Central Ladprao
4:00pm: left Central
7:00pm: dinner
8:30pm: watched Inception
10:00pm: in bed

2011-01-01 Sat
6:40am: woke up
7:30am: breakfast – instant noodle with meat and vegetables
8:05am: left house
8:23am: ran 9 miles
10:30am: shopped at Villa and Lotus
12:40pm: lunch – ข้าวผัดแหนม, japanese soup, fried egg
afternoon: played dreamcast games while Nan baked chocolate cake
7:00pm: dinner – ข้าวต้มกระดูกหมู
9:30pm: in bed

2011-01-02 Sun
5:00am: woke up
5:30am: ate sliced bread with peanut butter
7:00am: breakfast – ข้าวผัดแหนม
7:20am: left house
7:40am: ran 11.25 miles
9:30am: shopped at Villa
12:10am: lunch – rice, น้ำพริกกระปิ, assorted vegetables
afternoon: played dreamcast while Nan prepared BBQ dinner
6:30pm: dinner – grilled beef and pork, o-deng, kimchi
9:30pm: in bed

2011-01-03 Mon
4:40am: woke up
8:00am: left house
8:17am: ran 6 miles
9:40am: breakfast – porridge
12:00pm: lunch – pasta ปลาเค็ม
afternoon: played dreamcast. just resting. walked to see Pepe.
7:00pm: dinner – rice, โอเด้ง ผัดผักใส่หมู ยำปลาซาร์ดีน
9:30pm: in bed


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January 3, 2011 at 5:09 am

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