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This morning, I drove out to Suan Pruek park to watch an ultramarathon. The course was an 800-m loop. The runners were to run for 10 hours from 6am to 4pm. The light rain made the weather more bearable for the runners. I was there for an hour and took in the cheery atmosphere to begin my day.

10-hour run in the park

So after spending some time with the treadmill, I find that it’s certainly not as fun as running outside. Though it’s a lot more convenient for me to get my runs in. It’s nice not having to do long commute before and after each run.

I have trouble keeping my outside pace on the belt. And despite the runs being shorter than my usual, I sweat more.

Though I do two-a-days more frequently, my weekly mileage stays about the same as before. It’s tough to stay on the mill for an hour. When I run outside, time seems to go by more quickly.


Written by Rop

May 1, 2011 at 8:20 pm

Posted in running

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