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A week in a life

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Bought new shoes last weekend to replace an old pair. Long overdue perhaps. Been searching for the right shoes for a while. New Balance stores only carry old, clunky models. Asics and Adidas are still expensive.

So I picked up Brooks Green Silence. After a week of runs, I found them light and snug. Good fit for me. They are now my treadmill shoes.

This week went by pretty much routinely. Doing my daily runs and being busy with work in between runs.

Rainy in Bangkok these days. Did a short run in the soaking rain Friday evening to wrap up the work week. Rain is still more pleasant than heat to me. Must be difficult for those experience the heat wave in the US.

Yesterday, after the morning run, I took my dog Pepe to get a rabies vaccine. Then I spent the afternoon teaching young kids about science at Chamchuri Square, in downtown Bangkok. It was fun. Kids can become smart adults if they are provided good environment to learn. [pics]

Wrapped up Saturday with an Italian dinner at E’Tia with my family. Nice meal.

Spent a good amount of those calories with a run this morning. With that run, July is over. With 380 km logged, it has been another good and healthy month.


Written by Rop

July 31, 2011 at 1:52 pm

Posted in running

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