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Back from a 3-day work trip to Rayong. We stayed at an isolated hotel by the beach. Found time to get out alone among trees and to do some hilly runs. Hills hurt. Today I only managed 30 minutes of easy jog because of the soreness.

Quiet roads and clean air provide a good escape. Nothing else but you and nature. Heart beats, sweat, waves, winds, and coconut trees. A dead snake, a monitor, and a gang of monkeys provided some unneeded nervous moments. Nevertheless, a good time was had. Back to Bangkok for less than a day and I already miss the outdoors.

A couple pics with colleagues in the evening. Went for a quick run shortly after this.

Barcelona got another fantastic win. Should be another contentious season with Real Madrid.

An exciting Saturday, with Daegu World Champs and UTMB going on.


Written by Rop

August 27, 2011 at 7:29 am

Posted in running, travel

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