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Rainy October

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Mostly taking it easy last week as my left heel was hurting a bit. This week I feel better and doing faster runs.

I’m running on treadmill almost exclusively. Found the Adizero Mana 5 to be better treadmill shoes than Brooks Greensilence. Running on the belt leads to friction which builds up heat. The GS has slightly thinner soles, so they cause my feet to get warmer.

It’s a treat if I get to go run outside these days. The reason I don’t get to do that much is the heavy pouring rain. Flooding is a big problem now throughout the country. I’m lucky to not be affected too much (so far), unlike many other people. More rain is expected, so this isn’t getting easier. A hard problem to solve.

Experimenting with my diet by limiting carbs. It’s a bit hard, as in Thailand, white rice and noodle are everywhere. Anyhow, I’m reducing my rice and bread intake. Not drastically. Just more mindful of simple carbs and sugar. Will see how my body feels.

Doing good health-wise. Last time I got a cold was back in January. If I can get through 2011 without getting another one that will be my ‘personal record’. Three months to go.

Ryan Hall (2:04:58 Boston) vs Moses Mosop (2:03:06 Boston) at Chicago Marathon this Sunday. Should be a fast time.


Written by Rop

October 8, 2011 at 11:26 am

Posted in health, running, thoughts

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