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February was my lowest mileage month since May 2010. Ran almost only on the treadmill, averaging just over 8 km/day. It did not feel easy in any way though, as the pace was challenging.

It might have resulted in overtraining, in fact. Yesterday, after a 30-min morning run, I urinated blood and had to go to the hospital. It was very unsettling as that never happened to me before. The test concluded I had urinary bladder inflammation. The doctor gave me some medicine and arranged a follow-up meeting next week.

I woke up today with a fever. I am also having a painful stiff neck. Just feeling awful basically. So I’m out of a 10K race this Sunday, which I spent the past five weeks preparing for. Disappointing but, well, that’s life. I will look for the next race when I feel better.

Along with the training cycle, the food experiment has also come to the end. Gone grain-free for 30 days, and ate fruits and veggies in place of bread and rice. Still fine-tuning what works for me. A few days ago, Nan made delicious wheat-less almond chocolate cake. It’s yummy, especially as post-run snack.

Hope to get back to running soon.


Written by Rop

March 9, 2012 at 10:00 pm

Posted in health, running

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  1. Wow – seeing blood where you’re not supposed to see blood…that would be a shock!
    Hope you are back to full fitness soon.

    Bob Poulson

    March 10, 2012 at 8:24 pm

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