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Without health, I have nothing

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Another health update post. Fever is much reduced. Took no more than several paracetamol. Still have a stomach issue, and this morning the right hip starts hurting for no apparent reason. Seems to be trochanteric bursitis, which doesn’t make any sense since I barely ran in the past several days. I think it comes as part of this illness package brought by the virus, which so far consists of headache, stomach ache, chills, hypotension, anemia, and now a muscle injury I can’t pronounce. It makes merely walking difficult. Bummer. I will go outside and run when I can. Until then, I won’t. Easy plan.

Running gives me back a sense of control over the modern way of life. Daily urban commuting and desk job don’t really suit me but I am stuck with them. I much prefer a slower, simpler, more physical way of life. Running provides that for me. Just shorts and shoes and I am ready to go. So it is frustrating to not be well enough to run. It sucks to be sick.

Enough complaining. At least with less running, I got more time to cook and clean the house. It feels good to eat well and get rid of unused stuff. More empty space is nice.

Hope to be running by the next post.


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May 24, 2012 at 2:05 pm

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Felt crappy last night with headache, stomach ache, and chills. Suffered through the night, then took sick leave today, and went to hospital to get the fever checked out. Spent three hours there. Got blood/urine tested. They found viral infection and signs of anemia. No idea what caused those. My journey to good health is still something for me to figure out.

Weather has recently turned from very hot to hot and wet. Exposed to some rain yesterday. That may have something to do with the illness. Could also be food poisoning.

Still trying to get my sleep in order. Still not fit enough to train for or think about a race.

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May 18, 2012 at 8:04 pm

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Orchid 5k Blue River Run

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Just for my own record, this is a recap of the 5 km race last week.

Wed 25 April 2012
5 km, 21:00 min

It was raining all afternoon before the race. The rain let up a little bit but there were still showers by race time of 6 pm. There were about 100 or so participants gathering at the start line in Paternoster Square. Most dressed in blue in support of the Orchid male cancer charity. Nan, Aim, and I stationed ourselves in the nearby Starbucks to stay warm and comfy. I brought a singlet but decided to wear the event t-shirt on top of it because of the chilly weather. I wore my new red shoes, the New Balance minimus zero (MR00) that I bought at the marathon expo on Friday.

The race was quite casual. There was no official clock to keep time so I used my own watch. The runners were started in several waves, with faster runners going first. Each wave had a route leader. I chose to go out with the first group as the leader announced the goal time of about 22 min.

Shortly after we started, we had to stop at a road crossing. The leader didn’t wait for green pedestrian light and just ran in front of the cars. So I followed, carefully. After that we ran along Thames river in a windy condition. The paced was quick but not difficult to keep up. The first 2.5 km was done in about 10:20. After the half-way turnaround, two or three runners broke away from the group leader, while I decided to stay with her as I didn’t really remember the way back. We had to wait to cross the same street again. I finished in 21:00—a slightly slower second half. 4th or 5th position. Time and placing really didn’t matter much though. People were pretty laid back in this event. I had fun in my first 5 km race in over 10 years.

Afterward, we went to a Korean restaurant to celebrate a nice day.

… and just some final notes to recap our trip. I loved eating in London. The food was one of my favorite things about the city. Places we ate at/from are:

  • Eat. (soup/pie/salad)
  • Hummingbird Bakery (cupcakes)
  • Harvester (grill)
  • Four Seasons (Chinese)
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen (burgers)
  • Masters Super Fish (fish & chips)
  • Loch Fyne (seafood)
  • Misato (Japanese)
  • Starbucks (cafe)
  • Costa (cafe)
  • Belgo (Belgian)
  • Assa (Korean)
  • Polpo (Italian)
  • Golden Union Fish Bar (fish & chips)
  • Patogh (Iranian)
  • Pret (salad)
  • Supermarkets: Iceland (ham, salmon, salads, fruits), Sainsbury’s (chicken, sandwich), Marks & Spencer (soups, fish, chicken, scones), Whole Foods Market (yogurts, nuts, cheese)
  • Open-air markets: Portobello, Covent Garden, Borough
  • last but not least: at home, by chef George (steaks, fries, and salad)

So that wraps up the recount of our London trip.

Marty and George at Patogh

Marty and George at Patogh

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May 4, 2012 at 8:06 am

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Rejuvenated but tired

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Next year we might go to England again, as I entered the 2013 London Marathon lottery. Ballot has already closed after just one day. Incredibly popular race. Will find out in October whether I get in or not.

London rejuvenated my joy in running. It was fun seeing Keitany and Kipsang sprinting to victories at the big race, running in Hyde Park with a friend, and racing in the rain with my wife and sister as support crew. Happy days.

However, the summer heat here is really bringing me down. 30 C in early morning and rising to 40 C throughout the day. Here in Bangkok, I sweat more just sitting around than running 5 km in London.

At this time, I have no interest in planning the next race. It’s just too warm. I get headaches just being outside an air-conditioned room. There is a 10 hour ultramarathon being held in a park this weekend. That is far from a fun concept for me.

London race is one year away. If I get lucky with the lottery, at least I will be able to train through months of Jan-Feb, which shouldn’t be too bad.

5k finish @ Paternoster Square, London. Avatar lady is a strong runner.

5k finish @ Paternoster Square, London. Avatar lady is a strong runner.

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May 2, 2012 at 4:32 am

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