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Four things Friday

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1. Though I cook my own breakfast and dinner at home now, I am still having problems with lunching outside. At this particular food stall in KU cafeteria, they used to serve a chicken steak with a small salad and some potatoes. I went there the other day and they gave me pasta and bread on the side instead. Visited them again and found that they have permanently eliminated the vegetable sides. Who substitute pasta for vegetables? I guess the majority of their customers (most are teenagers) like pasta with fancy sauce more than plain old greens. So there went one of the few places in the cafeteria I could get a fresh salad. Vegetables from other food stalls are mostly stir-fried with soybean oil, and cooked with sugar. A lot of vendors follow the same formula: a big pile of rice and some fried stuff. Cheap and fast, and not so healthy. They should provide more choices.

2. Talking about unhealthiness, in the past couple days, I spent time commuting 4 h daily. Then I had to sit in all-day meetings/lectures. At coffee breaks, we got up, just to be served sweet baked goods, and then resumed more sitting. This “modern” way of life is killing me slowly. I try to walk around as much as I can during the day, and reduce prolonged sitting.

3. Last week we got some bananas (homegrown), so I made a small batch of ice cream. First time making it. Quite good, and simple.



banana ice cream

banana ice cream

4. Football is fun! Been getting up to catch some Euro semis action, the matches which Spain and Italy won. Now I don’t know who to cheer for in the final as I like both teams. Casillas, Iniesta, Xavi, Fabregas, Buffon, Chiellini, Pirlo, Balotelli. All great players. Hoping for a good, entertaining game.

When I got up to watch a game (~ 2 am), I ran for a shorter time later that day. My rule: if I sleep less, I run less.


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June 29, 2012 at 5:16 pm

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Why I run

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because I like to eat.

steak and veggies

because it feels good to be fit and healthy.

because sitting around all day drives me insane.


because i don’t have to talk to anyone out on a run.

because a post-run shower is so much better than a regular shower.

because it is minimal and primal.


because… why not?

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June 22, 2012 at 9:06 am

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On Saturday, we treated ourselves to a buffet lunch at Gyu Koku, a yakiniku restaurant, in Crystal Design Center (CDC). 449 Baht/person for 90 minutes of meat, veggies, and green tea. There were seafood too (dory, squid) but we stuck with beef and pork for our protein. Just a nice way to enjoy the weekend. Will most likely visit again.

On Sunday, we went to run at the Nawaminpirom park. Cloudy and humid weather. Legs felt heavy. I’m still a runner, no matter how slow I go these days. Did three laps. Post-run coconut was very refreshing.

Things that make me happy:

  • free time (alone or with my loved ones)
  • good food
  • workout

Last weekend I had all three.

My Euro 2012 quarterfinals picks:

  • Thu 21 Jun: Czech Rep. over Portugal
  • Fri 22 Jun: Germany over Greece
  • Sat 23 Jun: Spain over France
  • Sun 24 Jun: Italy over England

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June 20, 2012 at 7:38 am

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Out for a run in a park last Saturday. Three laps around a 2-km loop. Very sunny and warm. Though it was good to get outside after another treadmill week, I felt so spent for such a short run. Nothing comes easy these days. I used to run more. Was I always this tired?

The park has a nice asphalt pavement, with some grass along the side. MT110 were used. The shoes are light and nimble, and don’t hurt my feet like the Adizero Boston do sometimes. In general, I have had good experience with New Balance shoes.

Some trouble with food over the weekend. Ate some shrimp and got itchy again. Thought I got over the allergy. Guess not. This time it wasn’t too bad though.

Also had issues with MSG in somtam (papaya salad) when we went out for lunch on Sunday. Face got numbed after one bite. Another restaurant added to our blacklist. Too bad, as I like their grilled chicken. Thai food may be tasty, but you have to watch out when eating out. Often, large amounts of MSG, salt, and sugar are added without care. Food quality can be quite lacking on the streets of Bangkok.

On a brighter note, Nan made brownie with walnuts over the weekend and it’s delicious, as usual. I can always count on home-cooked meals.

walnut brownie

walnut brownie

Though I have cut back a lot on desserts, I still regularly have brownie, dark chocolate, and sweet mango with sticky rice. They are my not-so-guilty pleasures.

Euro 2012 tournament has started. It’s being broadcast on free tv in Thailand. Only watched one match played so far (Germany-Portugal). I used to be one of those football fans who stayed up late; but now I see little reason to sacrifice sleep for these games. A sign of being old. I still follow the results, but not feeling attached to any nation in particular. Now, if Argentina were playing, I would be cheering for Messi.

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June 14, 2012 at 3:29 pm

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Fought off the virus and bounced back. Human body is resilient. You could get hit by a pathogen out of the blue and feel like dying, like I did, but 24 hours later you feel okay again.

Been making some changes to daily routine:

  • Getting more sleep. More sleep means more energy. Less screen time (no TV, less time with computer and video games).
  • Running less. Doing less than half the mileage I used to do. Not in shape to race anything farther than a 10 k, and that’s okay. Still figuring just the right amount of workout to be healthy and yet stay somewhat competitive. An ongoing self experiment.
  • Cooking more. Dinner preparation is my time to wind down after a long day.

Things that remain the same:

  • Long walk to lunch. Getting lots of sun in the process.
  • Constant decluttering. Throwing stuff away is liberating.
  • Maintaining a quiet and private life. I feel most comfortable when alone; as I grow older I have come to realize this more and more.

Had a nice three-day weekend. On Saturday, Nan and I went to Burger Factory to have lunch with P Bee, P Norma, Sara, Nicky, and Noot. (pics) Had yummy burgers and fries (my comfort food). On Sunday we visited Kaset Fair, the annual event which is like a big open market with lots of things to shop and eat. On Monday we relaxed at home.

Haven’t done much running in the new running shoes. New Balance mt110 need to be used on dirt/grass/gravel and are not meant for pavement/treadmill running (too loud with hard outsoles). For the minimus zero (mr00), I save them for racing.

i splurge on only two things: food and running shoes. from left: NB mt110, adizero boston, NB mr00, Brooks Greensilence, adizero mana 5 (Nan’s).

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June 6, 2012 at 8:29 am

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Just pictures of food

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June 3, 2012 at 5:05 pm

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