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Fought off the virus and bounced back. Human body is resilient. You could get hit by a pathogen out of the blue and feel like dying, like I did, but 24 hours later you feel okay again.

Been making some changes to daily routine:

  • Getting more sleep. More sleep means more energy. Less screen time (no TV, less time with computer and video games).
  • Running less. Doing less than half the mileage I used to do. Not in shape to race anything farther than a 10 k, and that’s okay. Still figuring just the right amount of workout to be healthy and yet stay somewhat competitive. An ongoing self experiment.
  • Cooking more. Dinner preparation is my time to wind down after a long day.

Things that remain the same:

  • Long walk to lunch. Getting lots of sun in the process.
  • Constant decluttering. Throwing stuff away is liberating.
  • Maintaining a quiet and private life. I feel most comfortable when alone; as I grow older I have come to realize this more and more.

Had a nice three-day weekend. On Saturday, Nan and I went to Burger Factory to have lunch with P Bee, P Norma, Sara, Nicky, and Noot. (pics) Had yummy burgers and fries (my comfort food). On Sunday we visited Kaset Fair, the annual event which is like a big open market with lots of things to shop and eat. On Monday we relaxed at home.

Haven’t done much running in the new running shoes. New Balance mt110 need to be used on dirt/grass/gravel and are not meant for pavement/treadmill running (too loud with hard outsoles). For the minimus zero (mr00), I save them for racing.

i splurge on only two things: food and running shoes. from left: NB mt110, adizero boston, NB mr00, Brooks Greensilence, adizero mana 5 (Nan’s).


Written by Rop

June 6, 2012 at 8:29 am

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