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Current weekday routine

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A slight change from 5 months ago. More sleeping, less running. Less TV and gaming, more cooking.

4:30 am: up
5 am: run, workout
6 am: breakfast
6:20 am: drive to work
7:00 am: on bus, nap
8:30 am: work
12 pm: lunch
1 pm: work
4:30 pm: on bus, nap
6 pm: drive back home
6:30 pm: prep dinner
7:30 pm: dinner
9 pm: in bed

approaches to each new day:
– get enough sleep.
– train by feel and energy level. one brief, high-intensity workout per week.
– be in motion and do physical things. avoid sitting longer than 1 hr.
– eat three solid meals a day. no snacking.
– minimize stress level.
– engage brain. learn new things.

This week’s homemade dishes:

We went out a couple times. On Wednesday, we ate at Old Town Steak. Beef was overcooked and pork was undercooked. Small portion and too much sauce. Unimpressed. Friday, we went to Sompong (สมพงศ์) for seafood. Satisfied as always.


Written by Rop

July 5, 2012 at 2:34 pm

Posted in food, thoughts

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