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Quick lunch downtown

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On Saturday, woke up and ran before breakfast.

Although I have been doing morning runs routinely for quite a while, the body still needs about 30 min after waking up to be ready for a workout.

Later, while cleaning the house, got an unpleasant encounter with a small snake outside a window.

On Sunday, same routine. Morning run. Shower. Breakfast.

For lunch, Nan and I treated ourselves at Bourbon St. Restaurant in Ekamai. Normally we don’t go to Bangkok downtown much due to the traffic. We just happened to be in the area. Spotted the place, so we popped in. Due to being in a bit of a hurry, we only ordered a plate each. Italian cheese sausage and cajun fried chicken. Adequate portion sizes. Ate with Louisiana hot sauce and cajun seasoning. Delicious. Nice restaurant, though a bit far from our place.

Later on, we attended a cremation ceremony at Wat That Thong. After that, we came home, relaxed, and cooked dinner. Watched first two sets of Wimbledon final before going to bed.

Another relaxing weekend. Looking forward to the next one.

Life is easy if you want it to be.


Written by Rop

July 8, 2012 at 7:17 pm

Posted in food, thoughts

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