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A morning run

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Last Saturday I woke early just like I do on a normal weekday. Been planning to get 8-hour sleeps during weekend. It wasn’t 8 yet, but I just felt it was enough. Came downstairs, drank some water, checked some websites. Sports news, health blogs, running blogs. Something to get my brain working. After lying around for about an hour, it was time to get a run in. A “fasted” run, as usual. Last night’s dinner would fuel me along this short run. Put in shoes, without socks, like I did on most days, and hit start on the treadmill.

“What’s the goal here?” Just a routine, maintenance run. Body was still stiff at this early hour, but it was time to go. “I’m not training for a race. There is nobody I am competing with.” Just run, then. Plenty of people train earlier and harder than I do. But let’s not worry about them. Just do my run.

First mile is always the hardest. Then it depends on how I feel that particular day. On a bad day, it gets harder. Time passed by, my eyes kept looking at the distance. Turned the radio on. That helped get my mind to wander somewhere else. Legs got to move. Got to keep up with the belt. Can’t slow down or I will fall off. Running may make you feel free, but not on a treadmill.

Almost there. Half way is always nice to get to. There was a slight pain in my chest. Not unusual. But I slowed down the pace just to be safe. Don’t want to get a heart attack here. Keep it steady, keep a good form. Distance slowly ticked by. I turned up the pace near the end. Finished strong. Finally. So much sweat for a maintenance run. Time to get the rest of the day going.

Shower, and then a small breakfast. Felt great. Morning runs are tough, but I never regret doing one.


Written by Rop

July 20, 2012 at 2:28 pm

Posted in running

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