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Woke up to watch my first Olympics event this morning. Caught a couple sets of Women’s volleyball between Brazil and Turkey. Fun.

Here in Thailand, the live broadcast seems to run in the afternoon, which clashes with my work schedule. In the morning, it cuts off at 6 am. So I need to get up earlier if I want to watch more sports.

For quite a while, I have decided that my fitness goal in running is to be half as good as word-class athletes.

For example, if Usain Bolt ran 9.59 for 100m. I want to be able to run half as fast; that’s 19.18. David Rudisha can run 1:41 for 800m. I should be able to at least do 3:22. Kenenisa Bekele did 5000m in 12:37. So I should strive for 25:14 or faster. Marathon? Patrick Makau ran 2:03:38 last year. So I set 4:07 as the standard. We are all humans, so I should be able to be at least half as good as the super athletes.

Kipsang London 2012

Kipsang London 2012

Right now I can manage most of those times. But how long can I keep it up? Will I be able to be half as good as the best of the best when I am 40 or 50? Would be nice I think. But long-term goals don’t mean much. Better to live in the present and keep up practicing!


Written by Rop

July 29, 2012 at 8:43 am

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