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Rama IX 10K

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Suan Luang Minimarathon (Run 4 Mom)
6 am, Rama IX Park (สวนหลวง ร. 9)
result: 10 km, 41:38.

Took a day off yesterday to prepare for today’s race. Ate a couple spoonfuls of frozen banana, and was out of the house by 4 am to go to Rama IX Park for my third race of the year. Due to some errands and poor road condition, we got to the arena around 5 am. It was the only race in Bangkok today so there were lots of people. The organizer ran out of bib numbers and t-shirts soon after I registered. If I arrived maybe 5 min later I probably would not get a number.

start of 10 km

start of 10 km

Race started right on time. Temperature was 29 C at the start. I went out with an honest effort. Goal was to run an even or negative split. Tried to hang on with some runners but didn’t over commit. Had no problem with the route or water stations. The event was pretty well organized by the Suanluang Running Club. Grabbed water every 2 km, but couldn’t swallow most of it. Avoided looking at my watch, as usual.

morning moon

morning moon

Got tired very early but tried my best to keep my feet moving. Exhaustion was probably due to the low training mileage. But there were no other problems. No foot pain, no stomach issue, no headache, no cramp.

Ended up doing the first half in 20:21 and second in 21:17. Net time 41:38 for 10 km. About 4:10 min/km pace overall. Gave my best effort and ran as fast as I could today.

shoes: New Balance Minimus Zero Road (mr00).

post-run food: Thai omelettes, pork rib with shiitake mushroom soup, watermelon, coconut ice cream, duck soup, coconut.

Thanks to my wife for the nice photos. (the rest of the pics)

Caught some Olympics action before heading out this morning. Kaeo Pongprayoon (แก้ว พงษ์ประยูร), the last remaining Thai boxer, kept the medal hope alive by winning in the round of 16. Mo Farah won a rather routine 10,000m. First gold for Great Britain in such event. Pretty cool silver for Galen Rupp too. Surprised that the pace was not faster though. Still, 27:30 is crazy fast for mere mortals like me. 2:45 min/km for 10 km. Wow.

Spending the rest of the day watching the women’s marathon, Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei, and Federer vs Murray.


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August 5, 2012 at 4:39 pm

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