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Olympic Men’s marathon gold goes to Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda. A thrilling race which in the end came down to three men.

Kipsang Kiprotich, Kiprotich, and Kirui

Kipsang Kiprotich, Kiprotich, and Kirui

Favorite Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich of Kenya was very brave, pulling ahead very early. I think he was inspired by Sammy Wanjiru at the last Olympics.

He ran out of gas and came in a distant third. It’s very hard to run alone for long. The marathon is no joke. Very difficult to run away from a strong field, especially when the course is full of small turns, narrow paths, and small hills such as this one. I think if Kipsang had stuck and worked together with Abel Kirui, he would have won the race and it would be gold & silver for Kenya instead of silver & bronze.

Uganda’s Kiprotich pulled away from the Kenyans at about 38 km. He looked back frequently but had nothing to worry about. Uganda gets one medal at the London Olympics and it is gold. Congratulations to Stephen Kiprotich. It was a wonderful run.

The Olympics is now over. Athletes go home. London is back to normal. It was a lot of fun.

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August 13, 2012 at 7:18 am

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