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Marty loaned me a book called “Running with the Kenyans”. Haven’t finished it yet but learned the basics of how to become a fast runner:

Run, eat, sleep.

That simple.

In fact, as I can’t run much these days, inspiration I get from the book is not so much about running. I am inspired to lead a simple life.

To become great, Kenyan runners train hard, and when they rest, they rest fully. Their foods aren’t fancy, but efficient. They don’t waste energy with things that don’t help them reach their goals.

It’s important to identify things that don’t matter and disregard them, so that you have time to spend doing things things you love.

Right now the thing I love to do (and can physically do) is cooking. It helps me with my goal of having the body and mind in the right place. On the physical side, cooking allows me to eat clean, nutritious food. On the mental side, it trains me to calmly be in the moment.

almond banana pancake with apple

almond banana pancake with apple

pork kai lan tumeric paste stirfry

pork kai lan tumeric paste stirfry

Did plenty of cooking this past week. All five breakfasts and five dinners were prepared at home. As a result of good eating and low activity level, the weight I lost during the c-scope prep has quickly returned.

Though still low, the activity level has actually increased somewhat, as I have started jogging again. The jogs have been very short and easy, up to 2-2.5 km so far.

It’s good enough for now.


Written by Rop

November 16, 2012 at 9:36 pm

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